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Dr Mirza Baig has been practicing as an Alexandria primary care doctor since 1997. Dr.Baig is Board Certified in Internal Medicine. Dr.Baig is a Civil Surgeon for Citizenship and Immigration Service.

If you’re looking for a primary Annandale doctor, visit our Walk-In Clinic for fast service,  with no appointment or insurance necessary. Our skilled and qualified staff offer variety of services including X-Rays, Dexa scans, laboratory work, balance evaluations, EKG tests, vaccinations and spirometery, and aortic and Bladder Scans. When you just don’t have the time to wait days for an appointment, visit our clinic for timely, same day attention. 

When you visit our family doctor in Arlington, VA, we guarantee a same day appointment. Some of the other convenient services we offer include:
• Easy, ground floor walk in at our Annandale Walk-in Clinic

• Parking is available in front of the office
• Easy access for wheel chairs
• Spanish speaking employees
Civil Surgeon for Citizenship and Immigration Service

Annandale walk-in clinic is located in the heart of Annandale, VA, just three traffic lights away from I-495. You won’t find a more conveniently located clinic in the area that offers same day appointments. Feel free to contact us with any inquiries about the services we provide or payment options we offer. 

The Annandale Walk-in Clinic

An old saying states that "health is wealth". Even though there are already cutting-edge vaccines and innovative treatments in hospitals, people still prefer a capable walk in physician clinic Annandale which is accessible and affordable. For the patient, accessibility means not having to go to a far-off hospital to get diagnosed and treated. Convenience is the name of the game for professional services nowadays, and this includes healthcare. A physician walk In clinic Annandale grants people immediate access for any symptoms that need to be assessed, tests to be performed, and physicals in Annandale.

Aside from a getting a quick check-up, a patient can also take advantage of Annandale physicals. Many government offices and private companies require new employees to submit a comprehensive physical exam. This determines if a new employee is fit for work and if he or she has no communicable illnesses. Physicals can be expensive, and some people who cannot afford the fee resort instead of acquiring fake documents. Sometimes, these documents are approved, but then there are specific instances wherein a falsified document is discovered by the Human Resources department. In such an instance, the HR either refuses to hire the job applicant or makes sure that the individual gets an incident report which can adversely affect the latter's chances of getting employed in the future.

Physical exams also play an important role in determining a patient's capacity to travel to other countries. A patient who does not a cleared immigration physicals Annandale cannot travel to several countries. This is required for aspiring athletes and assesses whether the applicant's body can withstand the stresses that will be brought about by intense athletic training.

The best way to get all of the aforementioned services is to contact a professional and trustworthy medical outfit such as Annandale Walk In Clinic.